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Simple DJ player, mixer & effects

Alphabet SoupOverview

Editor: So, what exactly is Alphabet Soup?

Play The Computer
Alphabet Soup allows you to play audio files from your computer’s keyboard.

Drag and Drop
Drag and drop audio files from your drive onto the on-screen representation of your keyboard.

Intuitive interface
If you can type an email, you can make music with Alphabet Soup.

Alphabet Soup is a fun “beat” making application. It allows you to Trigger loops of musical phrases to Create new compositions.

Hits, Beats or Songs
Play short single drum hits like a drum machine, sound effects, sound “bites”, or entire MP3 songs, simultaneously or in any combination. Alphabet Soup merges the functions of a drum machine and a MP3 music player application.

Supports Many File Formats
You do not have to be a digital audio expert to use Alphabet Soup. You can play nearly any formats of sound files together at the same time. You can play 8, 16, 24, 32 bit, floating point WAV, AIFF, SND and MP3 files (among others) at the same time without waiting for conversion.

Sample Library Included
Includes samples from Sonic Emulation’s Sonic Stop sample series. Will work with nearly any other sample library.

Unlimited Keys
You can have multiple user interface windows open and playing sounds. There is no limit to the number of keyboard windows you can have open and playing simultaneously.

Alphabet Soup allows you to control the volume and the stereo pan for each sound. Sounds loaded on the same keyboard can be faded and panned as a group with a single control.

MIDI Supported
Sounds can also be triggered by MIDI or USB controllers. Setup of MIDI is easy, click the “Learn MIDI” button, press the key on the MIDI controller and Alphabet Soup remembers the settings for that sound. No need to plough through MIDI manuals...

Latency between pressing a key and playing your sound is very low, dependent only on the audio hardware buffer.


Fixed some bugs.

Alphabet SoupMore Information

File Size
Operating Systems
Mac OS X
System Requirements
No additional system requirements.

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